An Introduction to Penny Bandit Machines

By | 12th December 2016

Penny bandit machines have been popular for many years, from the early days of slot machines right up to the modern day amusement arcade. A one armed bandit that accepts pennies falls into this category, though there are some blurred lines around this.

The History of Penny Bandit Machines

Slot machines have been around for decades, delighting players through the ages. What we know as slot machines today started out as poker machines, with a one armed bandit style. These weren’t played with pennies though, tokens would need to be bought from a bartender to play the game. Then, the player could win drinks, gum or even a little trinket – it wasn’t until much later that real money gaming came along.

Updates in technology allowed penny bandit machines to calculate winnings and wagers, though this wasn’t until later in their history. The player would feed pennies into the machine and pull the lever to start the game. The reels, generally decorated in fruit and other bright symbols, would then align to create a winning or losing combination. As time went on, these became more sophisticated and allowed for more complicated payouts.

Penny Slot Machines Online

For the frugal online player, there are many games that offer bets for just 1p, some of our favourite penny bandits and slots can be found here at Slot Shack. These can be old style fruit machines or up to date slots, just check out the minimum bet to find out. Modern slots can usually be played from a penny if they have customisable bet lines; just bet a penny per line and only activate one of them.

Since penny bandit technology is much older, it’s easy to see how it could be left behind in the modern age. This is not the case though, as many online penny machines seek to capture the nostalgia and fun of playing on one of them.